Safety & Health Statement

CROSS Diving Services, LLC considers their employees to be their most valuable resource.  It is therefore our company’s policy to take all the necessary actions and responsible steps, to eliminate or reduce the exposure of employees to accidental injury and conditions, which may adversely affect their health.  We feel that no job is so important that we cannot take the time to perform our jobs safely.

The HS&E Manual contains information and procedures compiled from industry and regulatory standards, combined with fundamental operation of Company facilities.  It is designed to provide you with information and create awareness, which will prevent injuries and maintain a safe and healthy working environment.

All levels of management have a primary responsibility for the health, safety and well-being of all employees within the scope of their authority.  This responsibility can only be met by working continuously to promote safe work practices among all employees and to maintain property and equipment in a safe operating condition.

Safe practices on the part of all employees must be the major factor in all operations.  No job shall be considered successfully completed unless all employees have followed every precaution and safety rule, to protect themselves and their fellow worker.  The ideals of production and safety must be inseparable.

Safety is mainly accident prevention, a positive attitude, good common sense, and is accomplished through hazard elimination and working with a constant awareness of your surroundings. It is also a condition maintained by actions, thoughts and reason, which create an environment that is healthy and free of accidents. 

Good housekeeping and organization, all contribute enormously to safety.  Unsafe working habits are costly, both to the employee personally, and to the company as a whole.  An on-the-job injury can result in personal suffering, family anxieties, and loss of income.

CROSS Diving Services, LLC know that while risks exist:

  • Injuries Are Preventable.

  • Safe Conduct is a Condition of Employment

  • Each of us has a personal responsibility for our safety and the safety of others, both on and off the job.

  • No business objective, project, or operation is so important that it will be pursued at the sacrifice of safety.

  • CROSS Diving Services, LLC will work towards having the best safety record in the diving industry.                             

We are personally committed to continually improving our job safety performance and count on each employees’ participation in our safety efforts.  We are confident that positive results will be achieved, if we work together in establishing and maintaining a safe workplace.  Please join us in actively supporting our Company’s Safety Program, so that it may become another reason for CROSS Diving Services, LLC’s overall success!